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About this thing

This simple tool shows item data from the armory and wowhead and calculates a score for each piece to show gear will be an upgrade for your hunter.

The score for each piece of gear is calculated using custom weightings for each stat. Some default templates are provided, but for accuracy you should use the spreadsheet or femaledwarf.com and recalculate your weightings every time you get new gear.

All data is pulled from wowarmory.com and wowhead.com and updates automatically as new gear is released. PTR gear is not included. New gear may take a day or two to appear after patch, depending on when blizzard add it to armory.

The tool does not take currently into account:

  • Faction requirements
  • Profession requirements
  • Special (non stat) effects
  • Armor set bonuses

Stat calculations for socketed items are based on getting the correct-color bonus. Ranged attack power bonuses (from random enchants) are counted towards attack power.

This tool is based on a TBC calculator from kiss-of-ysera.net (now defunct), threads on TKASomething and Elitist Jerks, my work on Rawr and some personal speadsheets I used to maintain.

If you'd like to tell me I'm retarded and don't know how to play, drop me an email to bees-at-hunterloot.com

Latest updates

Mar 15, 2013 Fixed some XML parsing errors. Added new socket bonuses and drop zones added in patch 5.2. Added the Black Market Auction House (BMAH) as a source. Show tag for (heroic) thunderforged gear. Show tag for Tier 15, Season 13 and new craftable Season 12 gear. Fixed some source display issues for new gear.

Oct 1, 2012 The gear planner now takes the expertise cap into account when scoring gear and suggesting gems. Expertise total and percentage is now shown for every item, next to the hit.

Sep 28, 2012 Added the ability to filter suggested gear by level and choose which tier of gems to use.

Sep 24, 2012 Updated the explanation of hit and exp caps. Added expertise cap to the weights config, although it's not being used yet.

Sep 12, 2012 The gear planner will now correctly suggest Hydraulic and Cogwheel gems for the relevant sockets. All listings now show tags for elite (+) and heroic elite (H+) gear.

Sep 6, 2012 Implemented a bunch of trinkets (all raid, darkmoon and pvp, most dungeon). Added proper support for Cogwheel and Hydraulic sockets in the listings (but not in the planner).

Sep 5, 2012 Overhauled for the pending MoP release. MoP gear, consumables and gems are now listed. Ranged weapon speed is now considering in weightings. Expertise is now considering in weightings. Stamina is no longer considered in weightings. Tier 14 and Season 12 gear is correctly tagged. Hydraulic sockets are shown (but not scored).

Jan 4, 2012 Implemented the proc for Vishanka, which pushes it to the top for most builds.

Dec 27 2011 Tier 13 Raid Finder gear is now correctly tagged as being Tier 13. Raid Finder gear is tagged as such when manually updating your current gear. Fixed source information for Dragon Soul gear (and some Firelands too) so that it's obvious which boss it drops from. Now showing prices of Valor and Justice gear.

Dec 16 2011 Implemented proc for Kiril, Fury of Beasts - it's now correcty a top weapon for all basic specs.

Dec 2 2011 Updated sources for Dragon Soul drops.

Nov 30 2011 Vial of Shadows now correctly adds non-scaled DPS (it scales with AP, but does not increase all of your attacks); it's no longer taking the top 3 slots. Random property gear (e.g. Mistral Circle of the Stormblast) will once again import correctly from femaledwarf.

Nov 29 2011 Item sources for new items will now update a lot faster - we're fully synced with wowhead and will continue to be (so all firelands loot should have correct sources). Added zone information for some old and new sources. Rewards from the Raid Finder will now say so (it will take up to 24 hours for all items to refresh). Tier 13 gear is all correctly tagged. Fixed a bunch of news sources. Implemented lots of new trinket procs - every trinket over ilvl 350 now has the correct proc calculations. Ramp-up time on stacking trinkets (like Wrath of Unchaining) is now taken into account.

Nov 28 2011 Fixed the armory importer to use the new Battle.net API - along with making it work again, it now correctly supports reforging and allows importing from all the regions - China, Taiwan and Korea. Tier 12 and Season 11 gear is now tagged corrcetly (Season 12 should work, too). Marked a few quest reward items as being faction-equivalent (e.g. Nature-Crush Helm and Helm of Furious Uprising). Implemented the procs for some newer trinkets: Hungerer, Ricket's Magnetic Fireball and Matrix Restabilizer.

Nov 26 2011 Random gear properties that include expertise and parry now work correctly. Some new consumables (e.g. Eternal Lunar Pear) were listed with no buffs - that's been fixed. Flintlocke's Woodchucker has been implemented, along with some stamina & Spirit enchants (which you won't use anyway). Implemented some new socket bonuses. Fixed the sources for Firelands items.

Feb 17 2011 Fixed remaining random enchant tooltips in the listings. Random enchant armory importing for Conclave belts and legs now works correctly. Random enchanted rings will now correctly be counted towards total hit cap. Femaledwarf importing of randomly enchanted gear is not yet supported, but will be shortly. Fixed the FD importers detection of blacksmithing.

Feb 16 2011 Added a warning to the armory importer about not importing reforges. Included a bunch of new enchants that were previously missing (weapon chains & some misc engineering ones). Now including one-handed enchants in the two-handed list, since they can be applied to 2H too.

Feb 11 2011 The importer is now shown at the top of the gear config page if you don't already have a gear profile (thanks to D. Jørgensen for the suggestion).

Feb 10 2011 Finally including random-enchant pieces in the planner. Importing still wont work for certain slots (like waist), but you can select random-enchant gear correctly. Lots of gear has moved around because of 4.0.6 stat changes.

Feb 9 2011 The default meta-gem for the gear planner is now the Agile Shadowspirit Diamond. Meta gem stats are now taken into account (at least the simple ones like +54 Agi) so that helms without meta sockets don't score as high in the planner.

Feb 4 2011 Fixed an issue with reforging hit - it was never being suggested because hit generally weights too high, even if you were already hit capped. As a result, Fluid Death should score higher for most setups now (and some other more minor ranking changes).

Feb 3 2011 Some more enchant improvements - less odd duplicates and correct icons everywhere. There are still multiple versions of faction-specific enchants and BoA ones (since the item changes when you mail it). These may one day be cleaned up, but it's pretty good for now.

Feb 2 2011 Updated all enchant data - quite a bit of it was stale since it wasn't set up to refresh the enchant details and lots has changes in 4.x. Fixed enchant effect parsing - every enchant now has its effects correctly recognized, so certain enchants should no longer appear to have zero score (I'm watching you, Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements). Showing all possible meta-gems on the gear selection page, since picking based on stats meant we were hiding proc gems like Thundering Skyflare Diamond. Now also showing a quick summary of gem stats after the gem name in the dropdown to make selection easier. Updated some gear source display, mainly for crafted stuff.

Jan 24 2011 Leather and PVP gear is now hidden by default - it can be unhidden on the weightings page. The quick custom weightings bar in the listings will no longer overwrite other weight settings, such as time-between-hits, the hitcap and gear filter flags. You can now access the full weightings page from the listings. You can now select random-enchanted gear on the gear config page and it'll show correctly in the planner and the listings. Tooltips for randomly enchanted gear now show the enchantment, most of the time. Random enchants are included in the armory import (although belts seem broken).

Jan 20 2011: Got random enchanted gear working in the main listings again - this is especially important for Throne of the Four Winds. Adding it into the gear planner is a little trickier, but it should be done soon.

Jan 19 2011: Fixed the importing for enchant stats, to remove scoll dupes. Draconic embossment now works too for leatherworkers. Added a consumable category, ranking food, flasks and potions. Hide source for consumables. Show duration for potions and uptime calculation explanation.

Jan 17 2011: Fixed the calculation of DPS from currently equipped one-handed weapons when evaluating two-handed weapons in the gear planner; it was previously only including the main hand weapon, so DPS estimates were off by 50%. You should still almost certainly be using a two-handed weapon unless you've been very very unlucky with drops.

Jan 10 2011: Fixed hit in reforgeing - it was always being weighted at zero, so never suggetsed, even when it's by far the best choice.

Jan 7 2011: More trinket procs implemented. Proc tooltips now contain warnings for inaccurate calculations. Showing red tooltips for unimplemented procs. Planner importing tool now supports reforging (it will be previewed after importing). Allow setting time-between-hits and time-between-crits to more accurately model trinket procs.

Jan 6 2011: Implemented procs for trinkets, with tooltips explaining calculations. Procs based on hit/crit rate are estimated. Updated default enchants for 1H/2H weapons. Started adding faction eqivalent gear links - wowhead does not contain this in their XML.

Dec 23 2010: Fully implemented reforging in the gear planner - you can now set current reforges and get recommendations for optimal changes. Fixed the old gear editor. At some point soon I should probably combine the two systems into one sensible one.

Dec 23 2010: Fixed hit rating required per 1% of hit chance and removed hit rounding for pets. Removed Thor'idal ammo DPS hack. Started work on adding reforging to the gear planner - can't yet say which reforges you have, but it does suggest the bast ones. Display and use attack power on enchants. Hide sockets column for gems and enchants. Fixed ranged enchants so that all of them have a realistic score.

Dec 13 2010: Fixed the new ranged enchants. Overhauled the gear editing page in the gear planner to be useable. Fixed socket bonuses for new gear - now suggesting something other than all red gems for some pieces.

Dec 10 2010: Fixed manual gear entry page so that it actually shows new cata gear. Correctly hide JC-only gems if you're not a JC. Show gear level on upgrade pages again. Correctly tag Tier 11 and Season 9 gear. Auto-generate source for PVP season gear.

Dec 9 2010: Switched to using wowhead, since the old armory doesn't have cataclysm data and the new amrory doesn't have an API (thanks blizzard!). There may be some bugs and lots of gear is missing source info (because wowhead doesn't have it yet). Fixed mastery rating for randomly enchanted gear.

Dec 2 2010: Updated the 6 default weighting groups to use the current wowhead weightings, scaled down by 100. The old weightings were 18 months old and based on 3.x Naxx 25 gear. Use the new weights/stats for the planner manual-import feature too. Fixed the parser that was hiding all class-specific gear (tier and pvp pieces).

Dec 1 2010: Finally updated to support 4.x properly. Removed attack power, mp5 and armor penetration and added mastery. Significantly updated the gear update process to avoid fetching any data from armory beyond the item index (though this can probably move to wowhead someday too). Fixed the enchantments importer which has been broken and not running for about a year. Fix the random enchants importer, since this will start to matter again next week. Added bunch of database &mpa; templating performance tweaks which should make some of the slower pages less awful.

May 7 2010: After lots of problems with Armory data (missing socket bonuses, incorrect weapon DPS, fake items, etc) I've switched most of the data over to wowhead. This should be much better; I now get recommendations much closer to the spreadsheet when using femaledwarf. If you see any obvious problems, please contact me. I also fixed a bug where we were still treating JC gems as prismatic, so they sometime scored higher than they should (by activating socket bonuses). An additional bug where the score from equipped gems in prismatic sockets were not being counted has also been fixed. The gear planner should give a much better comparison when switching from 1H to 2H, by using a default enchant for the type you're not currently using.

Jul 25 2009: The gear planner is now live! Gear planner features are explained here.

Jul 16 2009: Added current gear configuration, to show your current points just like the spreadsheet. Added armory import for gear (US & EU). Shorter URLs for custom weightings. Intergration with femaledwarf.com

Jun 25 2009: Added hit-capped weightings. Adjusted all weightings based on the spreadsheet (and Naxx 25 gear). Marked all tier 8 and pvp seasonal gear. Now showing hard modes/drakes where it's a known requirement. Showing trash drops by zone instead fo just 'World Drop'. Showing cost of emblem items.

Jun 24 2009: Filtering out rogue/shaman gear correctly again. No more thrown weapons shown. Removed some placeholder items that are visible on armory but not actually obtainable. Enchants were added some months ago, but never reported here.

Dec 9 2008: Consider Armor Penetration into the mix; Makes PvP gear jump up the tables a little. Show more detail in the socket column. Considering different scores for different socket types, since a yellow is worth so much more than a blue.

Dec 8 2008: Updated all weightings with new WotLK numbers from TKASomething. Take into account DPS of ranged weapons, since that matters far more than stickstats.

Dec 2 2008 (again): Added gems.

Dec 2 2008: Filtering out shamman and rogue gear better (still some issues). Included one-handed weapons. Limit to 100 results by default, to make page loading much faster. Showing T4-7 markers. Showing armor and weapon types.

Nov 18 2008: Added custom weightings. Added weightings from the wowhead calculator as alternatives. Show sources correctly, where we have them.

Nov 17 2008 (again): Shammy/Rogue gear is now hidden. Gear is still visible during an update. Pulling all gear correctly. Now limiting at item level 100.

Nov 17 2008: For gear with random enchants (... of the Eagle, etc), we now pull known variations from wowhead and add these to the index. Only variations which score at least 1 HAEP are shown.

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