Stat Weightings

Set the values below to configure how much final DPS each point of each stat will contribute. You should use the spreadhseet or to determine these values for your current setup. Setting hit and exp caps correctly is important - the gear planner wont score hit or exp rating once you have reached the cap.

Crit Rating:
Hit Rating: Hit Cap:
Expertise: Expertise Cap:
Attack Power:
Ranged DPS:
Ranged Speed:
Time between hits:
Time between crits:

Time between hits/crits is used to calculate trinket proc rates. If you leave them blank, we'll use sensible defaults.

What are my Hit and Exp Caps?

If Mists of Pandaria, you need to reach both your hit and expertise caps. Your personal hit cap depends solely on whether you are a Draenei for the racial bonus Heroic Presence. You have an 7.5% chance to miss level 93 mobs (raid bosses). You need 340 hit rating to gain 1% more hit. Draenei need a total of 2210 hit rating to cap, while other races need 2550. All races need 2550 expertise to avoid attacks being dodged. For more details, read this detailed explanation.

Draenei Hit Cap Exp Cap
No 2550 (7.5%) 2550 (7.5%)
Yes 2210 (6.5%) 2550 (7.5%)

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